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High Level Trusted Diplomatic and Security Experts

Diplomatic Resolutions was created to help keep both our clients and Canadians safe. As Freedom’s Light welcomes the world, the insight and ability to filter and secure people and their investments while maintaining our cultural values, is critical. The Diplomatic Resolutions team includes high-level retired law enforcement, security and intelligence experts with international experience in security, crisis intervention, investigation, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist organizations. Our team of trusted experts enables the Freedom’s Light group to welcome new partners with absolute confidence of integrity.


Diplomatic Resolutions

Certifications and Organizations that endorse us

Our Expert worker

Our Special Expert Team

Diplomat, Retired Honorary Consul General of Iceland

Executive Director for Canada of the Houston International Chamber of Commerce and country representative of the Chamber in Mexico

President of +26 companies designed to streamline investment grade immigrants to Canada

President of the Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce

Former President, FBI CAAA (2008-2012)

FBI’s Service Award winner for the Houston Field Office

Diplomatic Resolutions Chief Operating Officer

Consultant for the Canadian Federal Government in Security, Cyber Security, Immigrations and Health Care

Martial arts expert with +17 years of experience

Former DEA Agent

Licensed Private Investigator in Texas

Had supervised +80 Special Agents, Intelligence Agents and Administrative Personnel

Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent

Public Safety Advisor of Laredo Texas’ Sheriff

+50 kidnapping cases of American citizens solved

Veteran U.S. Marine Corps Officer

+100 Protection Operations of Corporate Clients (media figures, at-risk families and High Net Worth Clients)

Former PGR (Mexico) and Interpol Agent

Intelligence Coordinator of SSPE (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública del Estado de Jalisco)

Intelligence, Kidnapping and Electronic Security Specialist

Veteran Special Operations Forces Specialist and Combat Engineer

11 years of dedicated military service as an active-duty Combat Engineer

Skilled in threat assessment, emergency response, and explosives detection. Strong understanding of regulatory compliance and safety protocols